Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It's been awhile . . .

I haven't stopped to take the time to blog. I've had my grandsons several times during the month of April. I have an overnight guest that I will be taking to school in the morning; and then to Taekwondo after school. They are really growing up so fast. Soon WP3 will be here. his expected delivery date is May 13th. I am so thankful to God for his blessings and I can't wait to see the little guy. KZ1 and KZ2 are doing well. They are both doing well in school. This is the age of the digital native and my grandsons are definitely apart of that age.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My Gems . . .

Today I started out with two of my gems and ended the day with three. My KZ1 and 2  visited me today, and then we went to pick up WP1 from school and take him to Taekwondo. It was a very interesting day. Watching them play games on their iPad. Observing how much KZ2 emulates his big brother. The same thing happens when WP1 and 2 are together.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Spending time . . .

The P's spent some time with me on Friday, April 3rd. I really enjoy them. WP2 is getting so big and he just enjoys being with his big brother. I also had the pleasure of being with WP1 and his dad on Easter Sunday. WP1 and his dad were in our Resurrection Day play. It was truly a please to see them side by side and enjoying it. It's good to spend time with my family. They are all growing up so fast.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

WP1's Day

I picked him up from school on Wednesday; it's his Taekwondo day. He complained about his ankle again but we still went to class. He had a good session. WP didn't know it but he was staying with me and I was taking him to school on Thursday. The order of my morning was smooth sailing until he told me he didn't have his permission slip, and it was due today. Oh, well grandma to the rescue. After I dropped him off at school I went to his dad's house and got it. I handed it in to his teacher when I picked him up from school. So, I had an opportunity to spend some time with him again. We are still into listening to the 39 Clues audio books.We are listening to number 7.