Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Today's KZ2's day with me. He is getting taller and I love the way he sounds when he speaks to you. He'll be three soon. He's watching television right now. PBS has great shows for him. He likes watching Martha Speaks. He likes playing with blocks, dinosaurs, bowling pins, and anything else in the toy box. We will have story time and lunch at twelve noon. I read Jackie Robinson to him, and then it was nap time. I turned off the television and, put on some soft music, he laid on the love seat and slowly went to dreamland. I covered him with one of the baby quilts, and then I took a nap too. He slept for several hours. In fact he didn't wake until his mommy came to pick him up. He was so glad to see his brother and mom.

Monday, January 27, 2014

My Little Rascal . . .

My little rascal is with me today. He's sleeping right now, and it's almost time to feed him. I call WP2 my little rascal because of his tenacity. He has a strong spirit; that he can do anything. He's not even two yet and I see this in him. He's looking more and more like a big boy. It's something how they transition from one stage to the other. Now he's in his toddler stage. It goes by so fast. I really try to cherish the moments with him and all of the grandsons.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lunch . . .

I'm getting my oldest grandson into using his tablet to email me, and his grandpa. I want him to email as many family members that he can. This will help him with his writing. He and I have bee emailing for a couple of days now. Today we had lunch at the State Diner. I enjoy being with him. He had his favorite meal; chicken tenders and french fries. he had strawberry ice cream for dessert. He really didn't like the ice cream because of the pieces of strawberries that were in it. When I dropped him off I told him to remember to email his grandpa and me. He said, "I will, and Grandma check your email." I did and he sent me a thank you for lunch email. I jut love that guy!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Winter Concert

Tonight I went to WP1's Winter Concert. He was dressed in a white shirt, black tie, black slacks and a gray cardigan sweater. He look sharp as a tack and he did a great job. The third graders sang three Native American songs. I had heard one of them before because he always sang it to me. His Mom, Dad, Mike, Grandpa Penn, Aunt Fee, and me (Grandma) were there. He smiled when he saw us. I hope to attend many many more programs that he's in. I also introduced myself and his Grandpa Penn to his teacher. I look forward to attending all of my grandchildren's programs.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Another Day with WP2

He's sleep right now so I have a chance to type in my blogs, get dress, and probably start my knitting. He usually sleeps for several hours. I love that little whipper snapper. He's my little rascal. I set up his pack and go and laid him in it. I know he's going to have a fit because he really doesn't like being in it. WP2 usually sleeps in his stroller. We will see what happens when he wakes up. I'll definitely be writing about his reaction later. Time to go for now. Have to make a To Do List while he sleeps.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


WP2's with me today. He's my little rascal. He likes looking for the cat. He doesn't say cat instead he says, "dat" so cute.

Monday, January 13, 2014


Today is KZ1's birthday. Yes, he is six years old. Boy, time does fly. I'm picking him up today because he has a half day. We went to Barnes and Noble bookstore. He wanted to buy a book for KZ2 too, so he bought two books and a MNT figure. Instead of going to the movies we went to my house and he got to order a video. I popped popcorn, sliced up an apple, and cut up a turkey sausage for him. He also got a birthday card with six dollars in it from Auntie Fee and me. When the movie went off he said, "what's next?." I decided that it was time to do homework.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

KZ's Birthday Party

Today we honored KZ1. His birthday is tomorrow and of course it's a school day, so his mom and dad decided to honor him today. They had pizza, cake, and fun. KZ1 will be six years old tomorrow. I think he enjoyed his party. His theme was super heroes. Batman, and Superman were a few invited guest. KZ1 had a lot of fun playing with his family and friends.

Concerned . . .

One of my gems is having a few problems at school, with his dad, and within himself. For some reason he's not focusing. He's got too much going on around him. He needs to stop watching TV and playing his video games. He's also not telling the truth when his dad ask him something. I've spoken to him and explained why it's so important to tell the truth and to stay focused when he is at school and at home. Wherever he is and what ever he's doing he has to stay focused on one thing at a time. He takes two steps forward and three steps back. I know that he tries to manipulate me, but so far he hasn't been able to. Today I had to speak with him about how he speaks to people and/or how he responds when asked or told to do something. I know he knows better, but it's almost as though he's being defiant. He's been asking questions about his mother and father. He wants to know why they are not together. I told him he had to ask his mother and father about that. He wanted to know if his parents were happy when they were together. He's getting older and now he's asking questions.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Up Early

WP2 is visiting me today, so I have to get up early. He will be with me for the day until his mom picks him up at six. Of course I'm not prepared. I didn't get enough sleep, and now WP2 doesn't sleep like he use to. He's older now and likes to stay awake and play. So I'm up entertaining him, for a while or until the cat comes out. He tries to get her but then he runs away when she gets too close to him. The Sprout channel or Nick Jr. also entertains him. Today was my first experience feeding him with his new pump. He's such a big boy. He knows just how it works. I love that little rascal. He's my little whipper snapper.

Monday, January 6, 2014

The Week Begins . . .

I have to take WP1 to school today. Of course, we woke up at 6:47 am instead of 6:30 am. Now it's rush time. It's about a thirty minute drive from my house to his school. He showered, lotioned  his body and got dressed. I microwaved some baked chicken for him to eat. He ate two wings and was ready to go. The weather wasn't too bad because the temperature was rising and it was raining. Still I worry about the weather conditions when the temperature drops below 32 degrees. Spite the pouring rains and slow moving traffic we made it in time; just before morning care ended. He and I were both happy about that, so thus begins another week. I think he enjoyed being with me this weekend. I know I enjoyed his company.

Sunday, January 5, 2014


This weekend I spent time with WP1. WP1, Fee, and I went to the library on Saturday. We also went out to eat. He decided to order an appetizer with our meal, calamari. After this late lunch early dinner we went back home with full bellies. I promised him we would rent a movie so we watched Smurf 2. Laughter is good for the SOUL! We laughed and laughed throughout the movie. Movie ended and now it's time to do a little school work, or extra study. He has to write for thirty minutes everyday. It has to be a nonfiction writing. Here goes the pain and agony. "I don't know what to write about. So I try to persuade him into writing about the library. I helped him brainstorm his thoughts by using a graphic organizer web. He and I really bumped heads. He made all kinds of excuses. He did write something but he didn't complete his page of writing. Next on his plate was a timed multiplication quiz. I know this sounds like a bummer but it had to be done. The Grand Finale was me  to him and Fee. Roald Dahl has a great book The Vicar of Nibbleswickes. This ended our night.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Snowy Day

A snow day with WP1. We went outside to clean off the car and then a walk to the park. It is very cold outside. We had to get in the car to warm up before we took our walk.
Snow Angel

Thursday, January 2, 2014


A new year, a new day, a new time, new beginnings and endings. My goal for this year is to spend quality time with my grandchildren. I have four grandsons and each unique and precious in their own way. My Gems! Making new and everlasting memories is my quest. I love the way WP1 always say, "So grandma, how was your day?" and I love how KZ1 is a critical thinker, and how KZ2 emulates KZ1, and how WP2 lights up when he sees WP1. I'm looking forward to another year of growth, challenges, and memory making events. Oh, the Places We'll Go this year!