Monday, January 31, 2011

Reading is Fundamental . . .

WP came over Saturday. We spent time reading, watching his favorite shows and playing board games. Being in kindergarten comes with great demands. He has to practice writing his letter; his teacher has a cool way of teaching him how to stay between the lines. You start at the line with the cloud and go down to the grass or you may start in the middle at the plane and go down to the grass. This helps WP stay between the lines. There is also a worm that you use when you have letters that hang below the lines. Enough of that . . . getting back to reading. He is moving up and each book becomes more challenging as he learns new sight words and letter sounds. This weekend he had several words (contractions) that gave him a little trouble. He read. I read. We read together. Hopefully I didn't drill him too much, and hopefully he will remember . . . these words I've, that's, don't, and didn't.

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