Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Busy Weekend

It's always a pleasure spending time with my gems. WP and I spent time together on Friday. I'm really trying to get him into playing board games and reading more than watching TV, so we played UNO and Memory. Then we watched a little cartoon network, 30 minutes was all he needed. Then it was time for bed. Our usual ritual bath, read a story, say prayers, and then sing a song; Twinkle Twinkle is my favorite.  WP was picked up Sat. morning for his Taekwondo class.

 That was Friday . . . Saturday was a calm day . . . then the call came it's time! KZ was being dropped off, Sunday night and I would have him until the baby was born. It was late when KZ came so all he had time for was a bath, story, prayers, and song. Of course the baby came 4:03 am, Feb. 28th. I was happy that my new gem was here. I know his mom was even happier. We have a beautiful new addition to the family.
The morning was different for both KZ and me; getting ready for work and the babysitter. As we traveled to the sitter I told him about the new baby. I showed KZ the picture of his new baby brother. He asked about his mommy and daddy. I told him that he would see them later and he did. KZ visited his mom and new baby brother in the hospital.

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