Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spending time . . .

I had a great Saturday. First, I took WP to Tae Kwondo. I think he's getting better at listening and following directions. This is my second time taking him to class, but I feel like I'm distracting him. He likes to look at me while he's practicing. He has to work on that. His mom picked him up from class. He had a play date with two of his classmates.
Later that evening I had a visit from TZ (my daughter) and my two KZs. TZ and I  spent time talking while  KZ and I played several games. We managed to play short games because he wanted to do something else before the game was over. We also watched his favorite video Land Before Time. Our newest addition; KZ2, slept, ate, and got restless as it got darker. He's gotten so round and full. I think KZ2 looks more like his dad, but only time will tell. Their features change so quickly.

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