Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The things kids say . . .

I had the pleasure to spend some time on Monday with WP. His dad was called back to work so I was able to assist him. WP went home with me and as the time grew later and later he had to spend the night. He was ready to go to sleep, but I was. He wanted to watch television. I wanted to sleep, so I stayed in my room and began dozing off, and he went into the living room. All of a sudden he ran back to my room saying, "grandma, grandma I used my senses." I replied "your senses." He said "yes!" I got up and went into the living room, of course the room was dark but he had made his way in the dark and located the remote to turn on the television. We watched a little bit of his show and then off to bed we went, but before we went he had to turn off the television. In order to do this he had to cut the lights on because the room was too dark, so I said to him "use your senses to find the light switch."

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