Sunday, April 6, 2014

WPs visit 4514

I forgot to blog about WPs visit. I watched them yesterday. That WP2 is hilarious and he is a little rascal. He is so feisty. He messes with his brother, WP1 when he's trying to watch television or play with his tablet. WP2 seems to be talking more even though you can't make out everything he's saying. WP1 wanted to be by himself so he retreated to my bedroom and played with his tablet. I did call him out so he could be with us. I made a BIG mistake ordering from the Hunan Wok online. The food was disgusting. The chicken was too hard and the french fries were refried. Never again will I do that. Then I double tipped the man. Oh Boy! I will not do that again. Anyway we all sat down and ate dinner together. WP2 was trying to eat his chicken. He let me know when he'd had enough. I Love my grandsons. All four of them.

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