Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Change of Plans

Instead of going to South Mountain to play miniature golf. The guys road their bikes. WP1 needs all the practice he can get. He and KZ1 had a good time until KZ1 feel off his bike. He yelled and cried a little. I cleaned up his booboo and he decided not to ride anymore. After sitting and thinking about it he got back up and started again. Their grandpa came by and they were so excited to show off for him. WP1 road with a more confidence. We were suppose to go back out and ride to the park, but once again the plans changed. I had to get some food and snacks in the house. So we went food shopping. I know one thing they were bushed after dinner. So after a shower, prayers, a story and then my favorite song they were down for the count. Knocked out! I am going to have to invest in bunk beds. They are getting too big to sleep together.

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