Monday, August 3, 2015

Our Vacation . . .

Today I picked up WP1 and KZ1. They are going to spend the week with me. It's going to be an adventure. So far we visited the MAM; only to find out that they were closed today. I thought we were playing a role in the 39 Clues. Then we went to Eagle Rock Mountain. Neither of the boys had been there before, so that was an interesting adventure. they used their iPads to take pictures. We stopped fir a short pit stop at Nishuane Park; the swing was a welcoming exercise for me. In fact KZ1 asked if I could fit on the swing. I told him that was an insult. He didn't know what that meant so WP1 explained it to him. KZ1 said he didn't mean it like that. All in all we had a rather adventurous time. Our final destination before we went to see WP1's dad was the barber shop. Yes, it was time for that dreaded haircut. I know we are going to have a good time this week. This is only the beginning.

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