Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Day with WP1

I picked up WP1 before noon. He was very quiet and reserved. He didn't want to talk. As usual he was playing a game on his tablet. I asked him how long had he been playing and of course it was for more than three hours. I told him he had thirty more minute and then the game was off. He hadn't eaten since he woke up so that was something else I had to do. We were on our way to drop off the Women's Day program and cakes at the church, but first I had to go buy the cakes. I went to Shop Rite in Belleville and while I was in there I got that favorite bird that we all eat. Yes, chicken! I got my sister something too. We left church and went to the church. We had a full day. e had several other stops and then home. When we got to the house we started on our arts and crafts projects that we bought from A.C. Moore. This took awhile, but they turned out nice. My sister came down with the sniffles. She felt a little warm. I gave here a Tylenol and she went to bed earlier than usual. WP1 worked on an assignment that he had to correct, and then it was that time; bedtime. He brushed his teeth, said his prayers and off to la la land. I love my grandson. I just pray that whatever is going on with him; emotionally, will stop. I know I have no control over how his parents raise him, but I just hope he knows that they love him.

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