Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Picking him up from Auntie's today and taking him to his Taekwondo class. This turned out to be a very busy night; for both of us. After Taekwondo I bought him something to eat. Of course fast food again. I had to get him to my house so he could start his homework and I could get to my quilt group. Oh well, this didn't happen. I stayed with him while he was doing his homework because he needed guidance. His dad called and said he was on his way. When he arrived WP1 was still working on a reading assignment. I was still there helping him. By now I am over an hour late for my group, but I couldn't leave him because he really needed help. When his dad arrived. We packed up his things and they left. I was right behind then so I could make at least and hour or less of my session. Well, my son, his dad fell down the stairs. He hurt his arm and hip area. This bothered me to no end. I let Billy and Theresa know what happened. My son didn't want to go have it checked, so he went home. by now WP1 was exhausted and probably scared to see his dad fall.

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