Saturday, February 15, 2014

Walk In My Shoes

You never really know what a person goes through until you walk in their shoes. You have to experience what they experience on a daily basis. This isn't the first time that WP2 has slept over. In fact this is the third time. I must commend his parents for all that they have to do in taking care of him. WP2 requires all of your attention. He's a sweet little guy, but you can't do anything else but attend to him. Through all of his requirements his parents don't skip a beat when it comes down to taking care of his needs. I know it's not easy for them. I've only spent a short time with him and I sometimes forget to feed him on time. I do enjoy watching him during the day. He laughs and plays with me and he loves chasing or bothering the cat. I call him my little rascal. He's changing into this little toddler. His independence is showing.

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